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Tell me about it...

Discussion in 'Trampoline & Tumbling (TRA)' started by Flip4funmom, May 6, 2017.

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  1. My sons (just turned 5) switched their competitive boys program over to T&T recently. I know nothing about it and was honestly a little upset we weren't informed (since my son wasn't on team). What are the details of it? How is competition? Is the age the same? Is this the why all men's gymnastics is headed? My son loved all the equipment from the traditional program so he's not sure about the switch. He also has femoral anteversion which affects the hips/knees/ankles. We have seen some pain arising with the switch in training program. Please share everything you know.

  2. Wow. that is quite a shift! And to do it suddenly....

    I don't know much, but I do not think this is the way MAG Is headed. It sounds like a gym decision. Good luck!
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  3. We had a very small boys program as it was. Anot "official trampoline" was purchased and 2 great coaches were hired so it peaked the interest of the team boys, so the gym cut their losses and made the switch, at least temporarily. The intermediate boys program is still being marketed as a traditional program to gauge interest but most of the training is going the route of T&T.
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  4. That's sort of odd. T&T is definitely a completely different discipline than MAG.
  5. I'm just curious if you don't mid me asking, what level of training did the Men's Program go up to competitively?

  6. Honestly I'm not really sure. The boys on team were about 11-12 and that's all I really know.
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  7. Sorry I cannot offer info about T and T, but just wanted to say that at our gym we have all three- WAG, MAG and T&T. So I do not see why your gym would need to do only one or the other- (obviously without knowing anything more about your gym or the finances or other concerns of the situation, I am just musing.)
    My best suggestion is to call the gym and ask who you can have a more in depth talk with about this. Whoever acts as program director maybe. No matter what is going on with the MAG team, I do not see why that means that your pre-team/rec son is having his class focus changed - especially without notifying you- and if the changes are causing physical pain of course that makes it all the more urgent to get more understanding about what is going on.
  8. Check out usagym.org and look at their T&T page. Lots of great info on the male athletes and the program in general. I'm not sure how much you know about it, but trampoline is an Olympic sport. I'm a T&T mom and I love it!
  9. My daughter got to see Logan Dooley compete this past weekend - he was amazing. It was a bummer he didn't finish his optional routine, but his compulsory was spot on. And he was super nice with the kids and even spotted on the trampoline during the weekend. One of the things I love about this part of the sport is how supportive all the athletes and coaches seem to be of each other.
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  10. He was a spotter for my DD and told her to "go get it girl" You could see her smiling from a mile away :)
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