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Uprise to free hip on high bar?

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i just changed my bar routine, i am now doing an uprise into a free hip circle on the high bar, which is causing some problems.
a lot of times i kick my feet in my uprise, which may seem obvious but it's kind of strange because i kick my feet way after i need any more momentum to finish the skill.
also, after the free hip, instead of doing a kip back up, i switch my hands. And for some reason i kick both of my feet at different times in different directions when i do this. it is not the prettiest thing in the world to watch.

so, if anyone has any advice on my out of control legs, it would help a lot.


Nov 12, 2007

I don't think i complete understand what you are describing, but if you are kicking your feet in the back uprise (which is what i assume you mean by uprise) at the way in the wrong time, than simple focus on doing it earlier. Don't worry about getting the skill or form (that will be more or less on auto pilot) just focus on changing your timing of the kick. There is no magic advice unless i see it and know exactly what i am dealing with.

"instead of doing a kip back up, i switch my hands. And for some reason i kick both of my feet at different times in different directions when i do this"
I don't fully understand what is happening here. Are you taping into a 1/2 turn, or what. In generaly if you are doing 1/2 turns on bars and stuff. you need to lead with the feet, like a corckscew, and if you are taping tap toward the direction your want to turn to initiate your turn. Usually with 1/2 turns everyone wants to reach around and they leave their feet behind this usually = legs spliting and not very nice work.
Squeeze your legs and focus on initiating and continuing to turn with the feet, rather than just reaching for the bar to change grips, or whatever.. However this might be on a totaly different tanget, because as i said i didn't really understand what you are doing.


Okay well i do this skill on bars and i definitaley had some trouble in the beginning too, but once i got the hang of it, it wasn't as hard as imagined! i'm not positive what you are doing but i have a few tips for making it not as difficult as it is.

1. Make sure you have a big swing, then you might not have to kick your feet. (i usually have an arch in my back when i cast forward to do the uprise which i'm really not suppose to have but it helps me get the momentum)
2. If you dont straddle already, you should really try to do that instead of a pike, it's a lot easier.
3. You have to have some-what straight arms from the uprise to the clear hip because then it will flow more evenly and it will be a lot simpler to do the kip back up.
4. Make sure you get all the way up on the uprise before doing the clear hip because judges will take some deductions and it will make it not as hard to do the kip after the clear hip.

Well, i hope i helped and good luck! :)
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