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Venting - it's always something....Composition error

Discussion in 'Men's Artistic Gymnastics (MAG)' started by buttercup, Oct 29, 2018.

  1. My DS is planning on competing 2 events this year in a level he hasn't done before, after almost 2 years out of competition and 2 surgeries. Its also a level his coach hasn't coached before. He is working around some physical limitations including a wrist that doesn't quite turn out the way it should, and tight shoulders but had put together a rings routine that he can almost manage, that has the start value he is looking for. Things were going good! Then today while he was just reading through the code of points (because reading to cop is fun ??) He caught a rule he hadn't noticed before.... and he's down 3 skills and a full point off his target start value. He's beyond frustrated, and I'm crushed for him. Coming back after everything he's been through is hard enough, but to find this on a day your midterm didn't go so well and the first comp is about a month away- YUCK!
    I though if he could stay healthy and in one piece this season would be good - now I'm starting wonder.
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  2. Oh that stinks! I hate when they find that out :( We have been there :(

    Hope he is able to figure it out!

    (and yes, reading CoP is a hobby for these guys!)
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  3. @buttercup PM me. I'd be happy to look at the routines and offer any suggestions.

  4. @krc people like you make this a great place.
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  5. krc is the BEST! He has helped my ds a ton over the years!!
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  6. This place is awesome. Its nice to be able to vent about what happened without having to explain every little detail. (like what's a code of points and when he'd just be browsing through

    krc thanks! We are going to take you up on your offer. Just need him to write it out in a way that I can actually read.....
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