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WAG Floor Finals

Discussion in '2016 Rio Olympics' started by Terry, Aug 16, 2016.

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  1. Coming up in about 30 minutes. anyone watching??
  2. Yes! Hoping for Gold & Silver for Simone & Aly respectively and the bronze looks like there are several who have a shot.
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  3. Bronze could be Steingruber, Ferrari or Wang I think
  4. just seen the mens p bars waiting for the women, and high bar. Even stayed home from archery tonight to watch. Hoping that picking Pink up from gym will fall between rotations
  5. not that I am biased, but go Tinks ! Loved that routine
  6. Gotta go get dd from gym in about 5 minutes. Talk about bad timing!
  7. lovely Simone, do you know what, I think the best thing is that lovely smile, she is enjoying this
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  8. Poor Steingrubber, something was up there
  9. Poor Guilia.
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  10. OMG, waiting for that last score, so please for little Amy
  11. Beautiful routines for the top 3!
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  12. Yay for Amy!!!
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  13. Yay! Top 3 are deserving medalists.
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  14. makes me smile that the gymnasts on the podium are the same height as the alakzoos giving them the medals
  15. I am happy for her. I did not see that coming. I figured Simone would get gold, Aly silver and bronze would be between Steingruber, Wang and ferrari
  16. I just love the way Aly and Simone seem to be twice as happy as they would be winning by themselves. Its like they are a team. period. Simone is the Queen and Aly knows it. But Aly is now a huge star in her own right.
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  17. Happy for Simone and Aly, of course, but delighted for Amy!!

    I hope Steingruber is OK.
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  18. She's got to be pretty upset at this point.
  19. The final was great, however what was up with Jon insisting that Aly's routine was better than Simone's? I mean, it was incredible and she has looked better with every routine she's done, but even I, a layperson, could spot the in-the-air deductions on every tumbling pass. Courtney was like, yeah, no.
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