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What happened to Lizzy Leduc?

Discussion in '2011 Visa Championships' started by gymtaxi, Aug 25, 2011.

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  1. Does anyone know why Lizzy Leduc didn't compete at Covergirl classic or at Visa's? I haven't seen her name mentioned in quite a while. Did she leave the sport?
  2. great question-also what about madison kochian (sp?)?
  3. Lizzy had strained elbows. She is still training Elite at WOGA.No idea about Madison.
  4. isn't madison kocian the one that went back to her gym in louisiana or mississippi? the funny named gym with "dance" in it? or maybe it was "tap" and tumble or something like that?
  5. Madison Kocian is still at WOGA but the rumor is she is trying to decide if she wants to stick with elite or drop back to level 10.
  6. last time i checked madison was at WOGA and went to the city of jesolo meet with the junior national team. she qualified to visas and didn't need to go to cover girl and was going to compete but then pulled out last minute. reports said she was healthy but needed time to think about her future. i could be wrong about that so (dunno i'm looking at you!) correct me if you have info other wise! but it makes sense, she's almost senior age but too young for london, probably wondering if another 5 years is what she wants, just starting high school and having already been doing elite so long. sad because she's so talented, but understandable. i wish her nothing but the best and hope she chooses something that makes her happy!!
  7. jinx fuzi! you beat me to it!
  8. I think you are thinking of Keely McNeer
  9. L 5 to L 9 in two years? no wonder she's been skipping around gyms and moving back. i give it a few years max until she fades, no offense. That just seems like she probably got pushed really hard and will burn out.
  10. yes, that's her pineapple. thanks! and yes about madison. i get the little wogettes confused. me thinks madison is a bit toasted. she's probably done with elite. i hope she sticks with level 10. college will come quick. and i'm of the opinion that all kids that do gymnastics and make it thru high school should at least give ncaa a try for 1 year for the experience.:)
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  11. Hi Bribri...she might have been in a gym that wasn't maximizing her talents initially and that could be why she seemed to go through the levels quickly...my daughter went from L6 to 10 in 2 1/2 years and it wasn't that she was pushed, she was finally at a gym where she was coached well and got the skills to move up...she came as a 6(in the spring) , did a meet as a 7 then went 8 for a year, did 9 the next yr and then was a 10 ... and she actually was a better 10 than she was a 9 so you never know what her coaching situation might have been that led to that.

    Now could Keely be getting burned out from moving away from home AND ramping up her training? That I think is totally possible.
  12. Fair enough! I'm a big believer in every situation is different for every kid because of personal, family, coaching and location factors. So going through levels quickly definitely doesn't equal burning out or mean a girl was pushed by her coaches and/or parents. And I know how sane and wonderful you are, your DD is lucky and sounds very very talented! I skipped a level and did another season with 2 levels myself lol so I don't want to sound like a hypocrite. But because Keely also moved away from home to train and has made at least 6 gym moves in addition to going through the levels so quickly makes me more likely to think she was being pushed too hard. But I don't know her and her situation so I could be way off. I just have a feeling though. And definitely moving from home and ramping up training are way more likely to cause burn out than going through the levels quickly, I agree!
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