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What is the end goal of T & T?

Discussion in 'Trampoline & Tumbling (TRA)' started by CTSharpie05, May 18, 2017.

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  1. My 11 yo son is trying out for T & T this Saturday. He will make the team. His current coach says most likely level 5 (he also coaches the competitive team). Last night a parent showed me the cost and time commitment. 3-4 days a week at $245+ a month. I already have another child on an Xcel preteam. Money wise this is going to be very difficult. Especially considering all the additional competition, coaches, and camp fees ($250 camp for both kids that is due in a week and I have heard nothing about it yet, except from a parent who got the paperwork early). I am having a hard time seeing the benefit in T & T compared to other sports. What is the end goal of T & T? I don't know of any colleges that actually have a team. In my mind I am going to be throwing away thousands of dollars when he can play football or basketball for nearly nothing. What am I missing?
  2. Well, if he gets very very very good he can try to qualify for the Olympics in 2028 or maybe even 2024. But if that is not the case, I guess the benefits will be: striving for excellence in something he enjoys and is passionate about and learning what it means to be determined and focus while doing so. Trampolining is an extremely intense sport both physically and mentally. You only have fifteen seconds to prove yourself in front of the judgespanel. Once you make a mistake your routine is over and you will finish last. I have a ten year old on the elite track. I didn't know this sport existed four years ago. What I can say now is that my son learned so much. Not only he can throw very impressive skills to impress his girlfriend later but also he learned skills to push through barriers, focus and don't give up even if things get tough. Things that will last him a lifetime. And the T&T world is known as a very friendly and supporting environment. So even if he will not become a senior elite these things make it very worthwhile for me.
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  3. Honestly, it is the same end goal as any sport. The child is active, happy, engaged, learning, and having fun. The odds of any sport ending in college are small. But the life lessons they learn in the process are invaluable.
  4. Is doing something you love not a goal in itself?
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  5. There are many end goals to the sport just a few of them include making the national team and even possibly going to the olympics for trampoline (because tumbling and double mini aren't included) But for right now since he is just getting into the competitive side of the sport I would just focus on working hard and having fun.

    As for the financial situation our gym does fundraisers to help cover entry fees, warm ups, and leos
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  6. Not to be snarky, but why aren't you asking the same questions about your dd and her involvement with Xcel? I believe the same questions could apply.

    Having had a daughter that was involved in JO gymnastics for over 14 years I will tell you that there is much more to look at than just the monetary investment. We easily spent tens of thousands of dollars over her career and the end result is a young woman that is "knocking it out of the park" in college; not doing college gym, but having more success in the academic side of college all as a direct result of her "gym life" growing up. Its not just about the dollars and cents.
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  7. yes, gymnastics is a lot more expensive than football or basketball.
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  8. I guess the end goal for some is the olympics. For some it is to do some sort of tumbling in college. For others, like my DD, it is to have fun and go as far as her body and mind will allow her. Honestly if you're looking for a tangible product at the end of sport participation you're probably going to be disappointed. Also, if you are looking at it that way- t&t *can* lead to the Olympics. Xcel really doesn't "go" anywhere at all. Said with love from a mom of a t&t and an Xcel gymnast.
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  9. I get that it isn't just about the dollars. Trust me. I want both of my kids to suceed. But let's be realistic. Not everyone can afford this. I think it is assinine that I am expected to pay $500 for a camp by May 26th and the coaches still have not told me (having to hear it from a CGM is ridiculous). The reason I asked specifically about my son is that he is the one that I would have to cut. My daughter's gymnastics is much different than my son's trampoline. It is much cheaper, much less of a time committment, etc. Not to mention, once she makes team, we have a booster club for gymnastics and not for tumbling. Therefore, I have to pay all fees out of my pocket. In the end I have the money I just have to make cuts. No more vacation, eating out, etc.
  10. Except any sport does not cost this much. I am used to paying $70 for basketball/football etc. In our area some sports (through the schools) are actually free. This is what I am struggling with. In the end I am going to do it I am just shocked at the amoutn of time and the cost.
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  11. Thank you for your response. Currently we do not have a booster club for the T & T team. I wish we did as that would help a lot.
  12. I get what you're asking - the money difference between gymnastics sports and a lot of other more common team sports (basketball, baseball, hockey, volleyball...) is hard to justify. Probably people who are thinking to put their sons in something like figure skating (another $$$ sport) are thinking the same - why the heck am I spending thousands of dollars every year that I don't really have for this kid to painstakingly and excruciatingly learn all these spins, jumps, and (possibly) partnering if he doesn't at least have some kind of shot at a college, professional performing career, or world/Olympic level experience? It sure seems like a lot of time spent driving to a rink, or gym, with hours and hours and hours spent on something not necessarily 'useful' or 'translatable' to the real world in some way. Doing something you love is, of course, very valuable in all the ways listed above, and an amazing gift to one's children. But we don't all have the privilege of throwing money at something we love doing purely for the sake of loving it. Parents do have to make financial choices, so I do think the "Could this lead somewhere beyond recreation?" is a fair question parents should naturally consider when a sport interest is going to impact the whole family financially. Psychologically, knowing the potential 'end game' of a sport career, no matter how 'slim' a chance of some kind of professional or elite career, helps justify the sacrifice for the 'dream'.

    To add to the points already made about where T&T can 'go', the air sense and acrobatic skills are very translatable to diving, and other sports like snowboarding/trick skiing. Your son may do it a few years, and be able to translate those skills learned to these other sports, which are also Olympic sports.

    Good luck - I know it is tough. We can't give our kids everything sometimes though we wish we could!
  13. Thank you for your response.
  14. Thank you so much for your response! You are so right. We all want to provide this opportunity for our kids but financially not all of us can. My husband made a good point last night....all this money we will be paying we coudl put in savings for college lol. I sat down this morning and did 2 months worth of bills and we can afford both. We just have to make sacrifices. Which I am willing to do for my kids. I just needed some words of encouragement. I also know my gym fees are nothing compared to a lot so I am thankful for that. Thanks again for your kind response.
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  15. Absolutely.
  16. Thanks everyone for the responses. I will update everyone with how his tryouts go. My kid absolutely loves this sport.
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  17. I'll add one more potential benefit of the gymnastics sports in that your son would be gaining a set of skills which he could then teach to others as a teen or after. Lots of gymnasts work as part-time coaches in high school. And T&T skills can again translate to other air-awareness sports, so he could potentially teach/coach in a variety of settings.
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  18. Hockey is not a cheap team sport. A good baseball bat is not cheap either and apparently they have short shelf lives.

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  20. Not if you're replacing it every six months!
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