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Yesterday's Update about Nationals

Discussion in 'Men's Artistic Gymnastics (MAG)' started by GymDad23, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. https://www.usagym.org/PDFs/Men/MemUpdates/agc_091218.pdf

    Not sure what to think this new nationals format. So no opening ceremony, JO Level 8 & 9 will only compete one day and level 10 allotment went up by 140. Maybe the extra $20k they get in meet fees will supply an opening ceremony for 2020? Actually not too concerned about the opening ceremonies, only been to the last two, but was definitely a struggle. The regional team competition seems like it should be a good addition, but not too much info on it yet.
  2. I know they are trying to keep the cost down at the lower levels. THat is a good thing. One day meets for 8/9 should be fine. This way they were able to increase the percentage of 10s while keeping the same number of 8/9. I do not like that 10s are Fri/Sun, meaning a week gone from school....but again, we will deal. Love the JO regional team!!!

    I like the increase in 10s. The past few years, the percentage of 10s was less than the percentage of the lower levels. That was hard to explain to kiddos.

    I do not like that there are no opening ceremonies. HOwever, I do like that they are honoring the academic all americans at regionals, because not all of those make nationals and this way everyone gets a ceremony. I do not think it is related to money. I think it is time, and keeping kids there longer. Also, I do not think many people were impressed the past few years with opening ceremonies, although I loved them!

    I think it will be good. Nationals has needed a change since the ages changed, so hopefully this is good. I just hope that they can get the specialness back in nationals so it does not just feel like another invitational.
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  3. I like a lot of the changes. I do feel having a larger number of level 10s makes a lot of sense. Just hoping we get there this year. Wish the Academic All American had been at regionals the last few years. It's anti-climactic to get it in the mail.
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  4. Very interesting....I did just see that the level 8 and 9 JEs will compete 2 days....
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  5. Well, they have to in order to do Optional and Compulsary routines...
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  6. Yes....I just find it interesting that JO is only one day but it makes a lot of sense to do it that way. JEs do 2 different routines so they would have to do 2 days.....
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  7. I think it was either cut JO8/9 to 1 day or cut the allotment for 8/9.
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  8. I am glad they didn't cut the number and I'm glad they upped the 10s allotment.
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  9. I agree. Past couple of years, 8s have had a higher percentage of nationals qualifiers than 10s. So this will be good.
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