Am I over reacting..

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Dec 4, 2008
I just want to ask everybody if I am overreacting.I keep getting messages like negative messages . Of people telling me I am a moron. And stupid for trainging my self. Well .. first of all. I have a coach shes been my coach since I was 6 .
Okay , she come an coaches me . And secondally , I have taught my self everything I know HONESTLY . I taught myself
back hand springs
back tucks
front tucks
round offs
back walkovers
front walkovers
double back
back full
back 1 1/2
front full
double front
cast to handstand

EVERYTHING I KNOW . ive tauht myself.
I went to a gym . They really had nothin to improve on it.
So honsetly when people call me mental. and retarded
And stupid and everything. Am I honestly overreacting.
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Dec 21, 2008
I imagine you mean in the outside world, because I don't recall anyone here calling you stupid, or a moron, or anything else like that. If you took it that way, I am sure that it was'nt meant to be that way. I imagine people are concerned about your safety, and probably think your'e a little crazy for trying to do this stuff on your own, NOT in a gym, without the proper supervision. If, as you said earlier, you have something that is equivalent to being in a gym, and practice these moves under the supervision of your coach, then I imagine that is different. Yes, people get hurt at the gym, and that is with TONS more padding then what you're going to have available to you at home.

No one here is trying to make you feel badly about yourself and practicing your sport, but you will find a general concern for your safety. If you went to a gym just once, and felt like it wasnt for you, how about trying another one? Just b/c you go to one gym doesn't mean you have to stay at it for ever.

No one can stop you from training yourself, and if that is really what you want to do, and not heed the warnings of others, then that is your perogetive. But don't expect people to be overjoyed at you asking how to improve on stuff, and how to perform skills while you are trying to train yourself at home, b/c that is where a gym and coach come into play, not the internet. I'm sorry if I come across as harsh, but you have to understand the viewpoint of other people as well. We are not supplementary coaches, we can not subsititute proper training. Suggestions? Advice? Then you have come to the right place. But to be taught a full-on skill, no. Do you see where I am coming from with this, and I feel quite confident others are as well?


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Feb 26, 2007
Legally no coach would be allowed to give you advice on how to train potentially dangerous skills at home with limited equipment. If you have a coach then you need to consult them. The Chalkbucket would not want to be responsible for your injuries, if any occur.

Nobody here has called you names, we do not allow that either. I have seen concern in the posts and practical advice. If you have a fracture in your back you should be consulting your doctor first, then your coach and also your parents.

Nobody on this board can give you advice on your home training, if they do their posts may be deleted.

Good luck.
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