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Feb 26, 2007
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So Baby Bog had her first meet today. I'll fill you in on the background. She is 9 and every year until this year there has been a category for her age group at our Avance level until this year. Two host clubs have decided that this will not continue and therefore for her first two meets BB is masqurading as an 11 year old and competing in the 11/12 yr old category under an assumed name. The last two meets have her category and they will do a sparate medal ceremony etc.

All that to say she was up against 30 girls, some of whom were enjoting their 3rd year at thhe Avance level. I am very proud of how she did. If they had separated the girls she wouldv've come 1st on floor, vault and tramp and 2nd on the other two.

First up beam, ick, she fell on her half turn pivot turn, she should've got back up and repeated the skill, she didn't, ooops. She finished the rest of the routine okay, even stuck the dreaded cartwheel. But she put her hand down after her dismoung. Two falls at 0.8 each plus 0.5 deduction for no turn. Still I was impressed.

Floor was next, I thought she did a lovely job on the whole, she got a decent score even though there were soem knobby knees there!

Trampoline, all the girls said the tramp was dead and they sure looked like it didn't bounce too much. She did okay and seemed happy ish with it. It is the first year for tramp to be part of our circuit regional and it is fun for the girls, but they do not spend a lot of time on practice.

Vault, let me just say how proud I am of her, she has NEVER gone over the vault alone at gym, just splatted. Well she got over it and was very happy. The first vault was very ugly, didn't upload that, she laughed as she landed as it was So bad. Her 2nd vault though she did a good job, not an awesome score at all, but still an acheivment to be proud of.

Bars was last, this is normally great for her, but she said the bars were like sandpaper and there was too much chalk on them. She fell off on her squat on, which never happens. She finished fine though.

I won't bother with the scores as they are not out of 10 and are bonus based and confusing. I have no idea how she did overall as they don't let us see them until later in the week.

All in all she is happy, she has one more tough meet like this, then her last two she will be in a very small group her age group and will have a chance to place on the podium.
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Aug 16, 2007
omaha, ne
Way to go Baby bog against new competition and a tougher age group:)
Yeah on getting over that blasted vault table:)
ugh on the bars being too overloaded in chalk and beam is always a big stress:)
She did great:)


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Jun 26, 2006
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Great Job Baby Bog! I watched all the videos and was really impressed.

You`re lucky you can get away with the assumed name. We`re registered with G.O and I don`t think we could do that. You`re lucky!


The whole assumed name thing makes me laugh a little. How secretive!

That dreaded squat on. It seems to come from nowhere when they miss. Love that they do tramp, it looks like fun! DD would be jealous.

Yeah for vault. I think it must be scary for little kids to run at the such a big vault table.

Good job. I'm sure she'll be excited to compete as herself (ha ha) against girls her own age.


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Mar 5, 2008
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Way to go Baby Bog! LOL--I'm laughing too at the "assumed name thing". And the being 11 thing--has she tried to use that to her advantage??? Maybe saying, "Well mom, you know--since I am 11--can't I stay up later AND have a cell phone?!!!" LOL

I love the tramp event!! Dani would flip (no pun inteneded) if that was offered here with the gymnastics in the States!!!

Her floor routine was adorable--so spunky and fun!!


Nov 9, 2007
Glad to see Baby Bog had a fun meet, it's great that she seemed to get over some of her vault issues, and I too had to laugh about the assumed name. Although my DD would probably say she would have liked to do that at at least one of her meets this year, LOL. I hope her placements when all is said and done, will make her as happy as her performance.


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Aug 27, 2006
:applause: for Baby Bog!!! Glad it she got though it with a smile. Having to use a fake name is hilarious though almost like being in the gymnast protection program :lol:


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Feb 26, 2007
Thanks all. The assumed name is ridiculous really. The other clubs all know exactly who she is and how old she is. She has been in the develpmental programmes and evaluations since she was 5, plus I help out a lot and my oldest has been in the system for 9 years! It is just too bad all the clubs cannot agree what to do about these 8/9 year olds. This is the first time in 6 years that there has been no group for them. Very hard on the kids when they have trained all summer to compete.


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Jul 25, 2008
That's too funny. Competing under a false name, but everyone knows who she is. The first meets are always tough though. At least she's hanging in there and holding her own with the "real" 11 year olds! :D

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Sep 8, 2007
Good job Baby Bog!!!Such a shame she has to be placed with 11/12 age group.I like how they use the mats with the vault table I wished they did that here in L4 to get them used to the table.Thanks for sharing the vids!

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Sep 9, 2008
Congrats to baby bog!!! Sounds like she really had a great meet. Stinks that they have to go up against those older girls. Crack up that she is 9 and already has an alias!
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