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May 12, 2012
Boys gymnastics conditioning question. My boys team currently only goes three days a week as I have responsibilities coaching girls optional team too( and their are a lot more of the then my whole boys team). The boys go wed, sat and Sunday. I'm looking for the most effecient conditioning schedule for this. Can boys do full body conditioning two days in a row? Right now they do full body on Wednesday, and pulling and core exercises Saturday and pressing and holds and leg exercises Sunday. I just don't feel like they are as strong as they need to be. With the girls i can always make sure they are physically strong enough to do a skill before they even try...with the boys it always feels like I'm playing catch up. With 9 hours a week max I usually spend about 3 hours a week conditioning. But they are not where they need to be, and I could sure use some of that time to coach skills. Right now it feels like I either have time for basics and condtitioning, or conditioning and new skills, but not all three....Any advice?
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