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Broken Ankle :(

Discussion in 'Men's Artistic Gymnastics (MAG)' started by acam1103, Feb 14, 2018.

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  1. Oldest son (11) broke his ankle last night at practice. Got a cast on just in time to hop on the plane to Florida. He is so bummed but will cheer his brothers on. I feel so bad for him :(
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  2. Oh, wow, that is terrible! I am so sorry! What's the prognosis? How long will he be off weight-bearing?
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  3. Poor guy! What rotten timing :(
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  4. Poor guy! We have a teammate who just did that last week. He was supposed to be going to Disney this weekend so I am not sure what they are doing. He’s out for 6 weeks at least though, which means he misses States. He’s heartbroken.
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  5. So sorry to hear that! Best wishes for a speedy recovery!
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  6. Very good prognosis fortunately due to it being at the growth plate. They will do X-rays again in 3 weeks to determine how long in the cast, etc.

    At least we got priority boarding :)
  7. Oh no...that sucks.
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  8. Did you check with the doctor about flying? There is often some concern about flying with fresh fractures in casts, as they swell due to air pressure changes and that can be dangerous in a cast. My ortho wanted me in an adjustable boot since I was going to be flying a week post-fracture. I'd check in. I know some airlines also require new casts to be split to allow for expansion/swelling.
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  9. The ortho knew we were flying and he cleared it. Never even thought about it being an issue but so glad it wasn't. He would have been so sad to not go! So far so good - first flight down one to go.
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  10. My DD broke her foot a week before we flew to a meet in Hawaii last month. We went anyway. My recommendation-- we bought at CVS those plastic bags with air-tight seals and she went in the pool with no water coming in! She did have a boot not a cast but it would have worked in a cast. On week 7 and adding in a wee bit of tumbling today!
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  11. If it helps, mine broke her cuboid bone the day after Thanksgiving. She was non weight bearing for a month, then walked in a bit for 2 weeks. She competed bars and beam Jan 13, and then competed everything Feb 4th. Even though she didn’t tumble until the week before the Feb 4 meet, shewas pretty much completely back to normal at this meet and managed to win bars, beam, and AA.
  12. I am so sorry! I hope he heals quickly.
  13. Oh, gosh! I'm so sorry!
  14. How frustrating! I hope he was able to have some fun this weekend and wasn't in too much pain. Hope he heals quickly.
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