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Camp recommendations

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Mom2Chickadee, Mar 29, 2018.

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  1. Hey All, there has been talk around DD's gym about the girls attending summer camp as a team. We're aware of IGC and Woodward as well as Gymrep in Quebec. Are there any others in or around Ontario (Eastern Ontario/Western Quebec) that people are aware of and would recommend?
  2. Sorry this is a little off topic, but do you know if that camp is in English or in French?
  3. GymRep functions as a bilingual camp. My kids have attended GymRep and IGC, they loved them both but IGC has way better food and their gyms are mind blowing.
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  4. @bogwoppit yes mind blowing. My DD walked around with her mouth open for an hour.
  5. @bogwoppit coming from Canada, with the exchange rate, do you feel IGC worth the money and travel? I know the kids have a blast and I feel it would be a great experience for DD’s team to do together but do they gain skills, knowledge, etc to make it worth it? Probably hard to answer that, but I’m just trying to figure out how to justify this to DH,over your basic sleep away camp 30 minutes away, if the team decides to do it.
  6. It was at par when we did it, so it was a good deal. Honestly camp is not a place you go to get skills, it is for fun. My girls definitely tried new skills and did get some, but then back to their own gym and regular work continued.

    IGC also has a massive amount of paperwork and medical stuff compared to GymRep.
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  7. @bogwoppit thanks, that makes perfect sense. I think it would be a great opportunity to have fun with her friends and do something she loved at the same time...amazing memories. So wish they still offered it at par! Lol
  8. I didn't even read this thread - but I saw "camp" in the Canada section and had to share:

    GYMREP WAS AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE - and I wish I could be 10/11/12 years old again just to go back.

    Honestly - It has been about a decade since I have been (actually longer...) but I still have the fondest memories. I highly recommend it for all Canadian gymmies!
  9. There a couple camps to a much smaller and more personalized feel if you venture out West.
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