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controversy over reconstituting the board

Discussion in 'Men's Artistic Gymnastics (MAG)' started by profmom, Feb 11, 2018.

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  2. I think this will be a problem program-wide as they scramble to fill these interim positions so quickly. I think the writer does raise some valid concerns, and certainly the lack of transparency in disseminating this somewhat official letter given all that has gone on recently is particularly concerning. However, I think it probably would have been more helpful had the writer also made suggestions to how he/she thought things should be handled. It's a pretty small world at the top levels of gymnastics so I think avoiding any conflict of interest whatsoever will be incredibly difficult. The writer clearly knows a little bit more about the inner workings of the organization than the average gym person (coach, athlete, judge, parent) and is obviously passionate about seeing a change in the sport, I would have loved to hear recommendations from their point of view on how they think things should look moving forward.
  3. I read this the other day. I tend to not completely trust anonymous letters. I think more can be done if you suggest other ways of doing things. MAG in particular is extremely small. There are so few non-affiliated people out there. I am trying to remain optimistic overall about things.....these concerns are valid. But there are also some great leaders on there that I think could do good for the sport.
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  4. The selection procedure could certainly have been published on the web. However, it was widely distributed as is written in bold print across the top. Many of the author's criticisms are valid, but w/o context. The selection criteria is narrow, but that is the current procedure. A new group will be able to change that. And yes, a good number of the candidates are ineligible for one reason or another. They will remain ineligible.

    Remember that this is an Interim board. Their #1 job will be to rewrite bylaws and constitute a new BoD. How they go about that task will be telling.
  5. Thanks! It really is an overwhelming job for the interim board. From where I sit, it looks like USAG is in an almost irremediable free fall, but maybe the right group of people can come up with a plan and a new board that could save the organization. I know opinions differ greatly on this, but I hope they can.
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  6. I'm curious if they'll even be able to find two people that actually want the job.
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