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Cortisone injections.

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Jan 26, 2008
Since my wrist cyst is too small to get surgery on, I'll be getting cortisone shots right into my wrist to reduce the pain, so I can do gymnastic again. (for not long because it goes away after a few months) I'll be getting the injection at the begining of december so I can start gym over in January!!!! I'm so excited lol! (I will finally do bars again! :D)

So, i was wondering if anyone here got any of those injections already? If yes, then does it hurt a lot? and is it swollen a lot after the injection? Please tell me all the details. I'm a little bit scared, but I want to do this so much! ;)


gym law mom

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Dec 23, 2006
Never had them, but as a nurse I can tell you yes the injection is a little painful. The area of the injection and wrist might be sore for 1-2 days(take some ibuprofen) and some people get relief applying some ice. After that if the shot is effective you should notice a decrease in the wrist pain from the cyst in 2-3 days---maybe a little longer.


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Feb 26, 2007
Hay Charlo,

That is just great news, I am very happy for you.

I have always had cysts in my wrists (ganglia). I have had more than one cortisone shot and the relief was almost immediate. I really do not remember it hurting that much and I'm a baby! As GLM says advil and ice helped with the days after, but really it was no worse than a filling!

You can put Emla cream on to help with the needle pain. Emla is a topical anesthetic that you blob on the place where they will stick the needle in, you leave it on for an hour or two and then your skin is so dead you can't feel a thing. You can buy Emla at Jean Coutu with no prescription, but you have to ask at the counter for it.

Until you get the shot you can always try massaging the cyst, sometimes you can make then go away, I have done it myself on the advice of the specialist I see. Just never try to move it by hitting it! It hurst and doesn't help.

Great news though, I bet you can't wait to be in the gym again. Maybe we'll see you at a comp in February.


Ooohhh - I really hope the cortisone helps and you can go back to doing gym full force - I'll be praying for you. My hubby had several cortisone shots in his shoulders. Like the others said, it will hurt a bit for a few days, but then you should be fine. Just remember though that cortisone is not a cure and you can't get the shots indefinitely since it can over time weaken the joint if you do it too much. But of course positive thinking is the way to go - so I am sure that after the first shot the cyst will shrink and go away and you will no longer have any of that pesky wrist pain :D


Dec 16, 2007
Ontario, Canada
that's great to hear!

I didn't know you could get cortisone shots for cysts. I'm actually so glad i saw this thread because i also have a cyst (ganglia) on my hand just below my wrist. It's not that bad right now. The pain comes and goes and it doesn't last for very long so i prob won't need surgery or anything, But it's really good to know cortisone injections are an option.

Good luck, and thanks for sharing!
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