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Discussion in 'UK' started by UGA2016, Jul 8, 2017.

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  1. I saw on another forum that a number of gymnasts have left Europa and are going to a new club. Looking on social media it seems like the Europa Elite girls are moving to Greenwich. It looks like it is local to Europa but i've not heard much about it. Anyone know why they have left?
  2. No idea but I saw some mentions of it too on social media. Rochelle previously moved around quite a bit with Team Sparkle so maybe they just felt it was time to move on, she has been based at Europa quite a long time now. Greenwich Royals must be delighted, it will really up their programme.
  3. Had a chat with a friend from the London region and she said she was surprised as Greenwich is a small gym lacking the equipment you would expect for girls at that level. She said Europa is the best equipped gym in the region so moving is a strange thing to do. I had heard the gym moves with Team Sparkle were regarding coaching differences, but doubt that was the problem as they have been at Europa for a good few years now. Greenwich undoubtedly will be thrilled to have such amazing coaches and squad to boost their program, can't wait to the results, Rochelle and David know how to turn a program around.
  4. I heard it was because their coaches had left Europa, and some of the girls went with them
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  5. I have heard that One Coach left for Greenwich, So the entire squad followed. The other coach hasn't been seen coaching in the gym or any gym I believe for 2/3 months...
  6. Oh ...
  7. Yes David was a coach at my gym a while back so my coaches are friends with him and told me that he had stopped coaching, I think that's something to do with it
  8. I think he is still coaching , he is in the latest videos from the last couple of weeks.
  9. Which videos are those?
  10. Instagram videos of the girls who have gone to Greenwich. Also he is a Junior national coach isn't he?
  11. He's definitely National Development Squad coach
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  12. Dave still coaches, Rochelle doesn't
  13. If Rochelle is no longer coaching and Dave has national squad commitments, I wonder if this is putting a strain on the group as it looks like Halle Hilton has moved clubs. I believe it's her pictured holding the flag behind Amy, this was posted on the South Essex website a few weeks ago. FullSizeRender.jpg
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  14. Halle posted this on Instagram on the 20th August, so i believe she has moved...

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