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Front handsprings on vault?

Discussion in 'Women's Artistic Gymnastics (WAG)' started by Hannahmariee00, Jan 23, 2013.

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  1. Hannahmariee00

    Hannahmariee00 New Member

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    Aruba Aruba
    Hey everyone! before I start I just want to say thanks for giving me advice on previous problems. I have actually improved :)

    So my team and I are doing handsprings on vault (most of us have them, including me). I just want to fix it up.

    I want to reach my hands out farther. On the table, there are two large x's marking where you should put your hands. My hands are slightly below the x's.

    I also want to fix the landing. My body is not hollow once I block off the table. Any tips/ adivce?

    Other then that My handspings are good! Thank you

  2. SuperGirlmlm

    SuperGirlmlm Member Gymnast

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    Try to get on top of the table. Dont dive for the vault.
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  3. Foxy's Leos

    Foxy's Leos Guest

    Our skills execution depends on the beginning of the skill. In this case, it starts from the run. Make sure you have a powerful consistent run. Next would be the entry into the spring board. Make sure it is low to the ground. You can lose alot of board action if you come in high on the board. The arm swing as you come into the board is key too. Arms will be down and firm. All of this is vital before you even get to the vault. Once you have these movements and timing in sync, the actually skill is supported with a strong foundation. Keep your arms in line with your ears and draw you rib cage in as you approach the vault. Good Luck!!
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  4. CoachTodd

    CoachTodd Coach Coach Proud Parent

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    1. Make sure the last 3 steps of your run are speeding up
    2. Hit the springboard with your feet slightly in front, shoulders and chest up, arms somewhere around shoulder height is usually ok depending on turn over and height of the table and such.
    3. Squeeze while bringing your arms to your ears.

    If you punch at the right angle, your body will flip, this flip will determine where your hands hit the table. Don't reach. I firmly believe it makes for bad habits later on. Once you start to flip while bringing your arms to your ears, you will bounce off the table somewhere in the middle of all of this happening.
    Let the technique do more work and you'll find focusing on the shapes more than the hand placement will make for a better vault.
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