Fun & interesting warm-up ideas?

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Jun 22, 2013
United Kingdom
Does anyone have any good ideas of interesting pulse-raising warm-up ideas? I am open to any ideas, however I'm especially interested in suggestions that can be used in gyms with a very small floor area.

The kids are recreational and are quite young (age 7 or 8 on average I would imagine), so making it fun is a factor. Any good ideas?
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Jan 18, 2009
Ships and sailors is a fun one, not sure if your group is big enough to make it work. You use the floor and yell different commands which have corresponding actions. If a child does the wrong command, they are out. You can do lots of "practice" rounds to get their pulse going and then start getting people out as the game comes to a close if you wanted, you could also assign various warm-up tasks to those who are out.
Some of the commands:
Ships- run to one side of floor
Sailors- run to other side of floor
Attention- stand up straight, cannot move until you yell "at ease"- you can throw them for a loop by yelling out other commands in between to see if they are listening
At Ease- free to move, follow commands
Hit the deck- Lie on the floor
Polly want a cracker- 2 people stand together, one stands behind the the others shoulder and chirps "polly want a cracker"
3 Men Rowing- Sit in a row of 3 on the floor and sing "Row, row, row your boat" (any extras are out)
There are other commands as well you can find by doing a Google search, the game goes by a few different names.

Relay races are a fun one too. Have a few teams (2 or more) and assign a different motion across the floor- frog jumps, crab walks, bear walks, sprints, hops, etc. I keep track of winners after each round and the team who has won the most at the end is the official winner.
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