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Grandaughter having problems with wrist

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Whenever she does back handsprings it hurst her wrist. she is level 4 and her coach says she has very tiny wirsts. what can she do or should do th help strengthen her wrists. Thanks. :eek:


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Feb 26, 2007
Here is an interesting article about wrist pain in gymnasts, it may help to understand how and why she is having pain. It is very common for gymnasts to have wrist pain.

Wrist Problems for Gymnasts

She should ice her wrists for now but she should also be examined by a sports injury doctor. At least that way you can be sure of why it hurts and what exactly she can do, or not do, to help. Good luck.

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Oct 1, 2008
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Me too! My wrist are smaller than 5 inches around and I have very bad wrist pain. My left wrist clicks all the time. I ice my wrists ever day after gymnastics, and sometime I have to take meds. I do a lot of wrist workout before vault and floor. I roll my wrists in a 'meatball' kind of way. Back handspings really kill the wrist and so do handstands. Sometimes just taking a break and rolling her wrist might help.
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