gymnast -over 45 yr. old

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Jul 4, 2008
Nobody else seems to have put up a social group for adult gymnasts, so I did. I found the things by clicking on someone else's profile, so you can probably find it by clicking on mine, if you want to join!

(Do they have a "retired gym fan" flag? The only name of the current crop I know is Nastia Liukin, and that's only because people have been talking about her since the day she was born...)
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Gymnastics is such a small world. I have friends that coach at Loudoun, and I'm sure I know lots of kids as well, as I used to teach at The Little Gym in Ashburn. I would go to Loudoun for class, but NVGA only charges 78 for a month, for 6 classes a week for adults, while Loudoun charges 18 for 10 weeks, twice a week. If I compete this year, I might see you at meets, I'll probably be the only adult, lol.


There is an adult organization called the Turners that holds an adult nationals every year. Anyone can enter (no qualification necessary), there are three levels you can compete at (beginner, around level 5ish and around level 8ish), and the older age divisions just require you to pick three (I think?) events - they could be a mix of mens and womens events if you choose.
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