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His diagnosis

Discussion in 'Men's Artistic Gymnastics (MAG)' started by skschlag, Sep 8, 2018.

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  2. So sorry! Unchanging xrays aren't a good thing. Is there a plan moving forward or is it just more time required?

    And the diagnosis of gymnastics made me chuckle. Could have used that one around here MANY times!

  3. The unchanged xray was expected with this fracture. He is out of the boot and in a brace. Ankle is stable and pt starts next week
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  4. Best wishes for DS's recovery. He should be 100% in no time. Fib's heal well and fairly quickly. I had an athlete with a similar injury, but with both ankles at once. This gymnast was back to full tumbling in about 6/7 months. So stay positive, and spend the extra time on PH and Ring strength :)

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  5. Thanks @krc that is good to hear. I think we are both nervous about how it is going to feel since it will never "look" healed.

    He is obsessed with pommel! Completely. He can do like 6 different flops on buck, and has transferred his E flop to the horse already. Now to get hb back up to par.....sigh
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  6. Totally different injury, of course, but S was also told his xrays would probably never look normal again. He's back to 100% though, and I hope D gets back to full strength soon too!
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