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Discussion in '2017 World Gymnastics Championships' started by Jard.the.gymnast, Oct 7, 2017.

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  1. Seriously, how many people have dropped out because of that stupid vault? Or does it just seem a lot because all the "bigger" names were out?
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  2. Is it just conicidence or could the new table be part of the issue?
  3. Let's see if we can make a list. Let me know what's missing/wrong

    Andrade ACL in vault training
    Iordache floor warmups
    Smith vault warmups
    Uchimura vault in competition
    Lopez high bar in competition
    Groza high bar in competition
    male gymnast from Azerbaijan floor in competition
    Stephens (men's) floor in competition
    Frasca vault in competition
    Nin Reyes vault in competition

    Bart Deurloo was also injured on floor but not enough that he's out of the meet. I note that many of the injuries listed above took place in the third subdivision for the men.
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  4. Didn't the floor break during that subdivision?
  5. I think it broke in the 4th subdivision toward the end of the it.
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  6. Possibly athlete over trained leading up to the event leaving them weak and vulnerable?
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  7. Maybe some, but certainly not all. Exhibit 1: Kohei. I truly doubt over training does you in after that many years at the top. I worry more about not training enough with some of the countries -- the skills look plain scary.
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  8. Valid point inadequate training with the adrenaline of world's comoetition could result in injury as well.
  9. Perhaps not overtraining per se with Kohei, but he is of course aging, and the wear and tear on his body, especially as an AA athlete, is cumulative over time. Seems injury had to be due at some point, sadly. Gutted for him that it was at Worlds, though :(

    I'm still going to blame the new vault, though, because that is super convenient and it also made my Donnell fall. Bad Vault table! :mad::rolleyes:
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  10. As I sit here watching vault I wonder the new vault table could effect your form and rotation which in turn could cause corrections with the body. I would wonder if these little nuisances could Cause injury?
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  11. elite sports are just a game with lots of wear and tear. sometimes something just gives. that is part of the game.
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  12. When was the last time seven people had to leave the meet floor or pull out of the meet during a single subdivision/session?
  13. My personal opinion is the Code. They have to up their difficulty to place top 3, but maybe it's just too difficult and they are doing things they shouldn't? Twisting vaults are always risky, if you land incorrectly, you risk spiral fractures, torn ACL, torn Achilles, blown out knees, etc.
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  14. This article seemed to shed light on the issue:

    Full Article:

    Oksana Chusovitina, the newly elected athlete representative, is pretty unhappy with the new podium training format. She is one of the many athletes and coaches who complained that they were not given enough time to get accustomed to the equipment. Chusovitina believes this lack of time was one of the reasons for the huge amount of injuries at these Worlds. She feels like people in the FIG management do not listen enough to the athletes’ concerns in matters like this one and she hopes to change that.

    She told the media:

    “Here in Montreal, when I was given 5 minutes on the podium to try my vaults… You know, in five minutes I need to run to and fro in order to try the vault. it’s because of this that people get injured. It’s always been half an hour or 25 minutes for the podium training, six people vaulting together. Here they gave 9 minutes to Japan, 9 minutes to Korea, and to me, since I was alone, the gave five. No one’s happy with the new rules”.

    “Yes, we, the athletes, train at home and here we have to compete. But injuries happen because of these seemingly insignificant things, many people don’t recover, don’t come back, and this is very sad. No one explains anything to us, we’re just athletes, we come here, told what to do and that’s it. Now, perhaps, when I’ll get into all the details, I’ll do everything I can [to help the athletes].
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  15. Athlete health and safety should be at the center of all decisions, but clearly that isn’t the case and it hasn’t been for a long time. Hopefully this was a wake-up call and there will be some attention paid to it.
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  16. Some commentary from the Russian experience in Montreal. Decisions affecting athlete safety being made due to TV and live-stream schedule; no water available in training; blinding lights... This isn’t a reality show.

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  17. Chuso should know! She's been to enough competitions in different places and formats to have an idea what's acceptable and what's not.

    It's surprising to me that Montreal would be having these equipment and schedule/set-up problems. I remember there being a lot of complaints about the quality of facilities in Sochi for the 2014 Winter Olympics, but I generally think of Canadian gymnastics as being well-organized and well-prepared.
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  18. Yang Hak Seon vault warmups
    Vanessa Ferrari floor in competition

    I get it that gymnastics is a tough sport and people do get injured. But given this butcher's bill and what the athletes are saying, I think the presumption must shift from "oh, it's gymnastics, and this is part of it" to "there were some serious problems at this meet that FIG needs to investigate and prevent next time."

    Look at the list. Sure, a few of these people are not big stars. But they are also not Susie the Level 5 whose coach is looking up injury prevention training regimens on Youtube. And for the most part, nor are they Bob from the impoverished country that dug him up somewhere to bring his Level 8 routines to worlds so they could have representation at the meet.

    I refuse to buy the narrative that Uchimura's number just came up. Kohei Uchimura has not missed competing all around in a meet since he was eight years old. His plan has always been to dial back to event specialist when his body would not tolerate AA. They've since taken down his scores, but the vault on which he incurred the injury was not some piece of garbage he chucked -- it was awarded the second highest vault score in prelims. He's stayed on top for as long as he has because he trains and competes very intelligently and has adjusted his training and routines to accommodate his body. He is an international treasure and this meet broke him. I'm just glad it's not bad -- he was diagnosed with torn ligaments and plans to be back in training in 2-3 weeks.

    I am glad Chuso was selected as the athletes' rep. She is not going to let this go.
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  19. The injuries at these Worlds were just awful - I hope that FIG is taking note and will improve athlete saftey
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