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Is coach a bully? Should I get my son out of there?


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Aug 24, 2013
Ok he is 11. He has been at this gym for 6 years. He is the most successful of his group with regard to results at national competitions. (We are in the UK) He takes a hit longer to nail skills but when he does they are great. The couple coaching duo are very ambitious. When a gymnast hits a bump they tend to move on and favour a younger gymnast. The guy coach is moody but his girlfriend is sunshine and sweetness to the parents and everything is sugar coated. They have said things to my son like "I don't have time to waste on you, I have little ones that are going to make national squads." (god, they sound awful when I write this down.) My son just wants to please and can't understand why this happens to him.
So sorry, I thought you were in US. My mistake.
This sounds like a very toxic situation. Hopefully you can find another gym for your son.
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Ty’s Dad

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Aug 3, 2017
Yes, you should definitely leave, the coach isn't going to change.

And, sexist or not, my husband gets infinitely more respect than I do at my child's school. Anything I raise is completely ignored, anything he raises is considered and discussed. So I can definitely see why Ty's dad is saying what he is. It's not a perfect world, sadly.
Thank You.

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