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For Parents Level 7 or XP

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Jan 31, 2015
My daughter just finished up level 5 last weekend. Her coach has said they will either complete level 7 or XP next year depending on if they get all of the skills required for level 7. We were told at the beginning of competition season that level 5 is harder than level 6. I'm not sure if that is true but dd's coach feels that way so they don't compete level 6. DD came from a gym 3 years ago that only offered xcel and one reason we switched was for my daughter to compete compulsory then optionals. Just wanting parent input on anyone who has done platinum after competing level 5 or if your dd was able to move on to l7.


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Oct 24, 2009
The 'Wood, Ohio
Level 6 CAN be easier than Level 5 because of Level 6 being "Optionals" so no text errors and they can choose skills that fit them better. However, if the gym feels this way, they should use Level 6 instead of Platinum for a girl not quite ready for Level 7 since the vault is the same for Level 6 and 7 (same options). Also this is the exact scenario that Level 6 was created for (to keep girls from moving to Xcel before Level 7 after finishing Compulsories).
This past year, they made some changes in Level 6 to bring it up a little. It used to be they only needed 1 acro on beam (but Platinum required either a series or flight) ... so Level 6 was changed to a series or flight.
In Platinum, the vault is different than L6 & L7 ... and not every vault option in Platinum is out of a 10.0.
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