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For Parents mock meet

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Panda-girl's Mom

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Jan 9, 2008
Does your gym have a mock meet before competition season starts? Are the parents allowed to watch? I was just wondering this is new to me our gym is having one and I assumed we would be able to come and watch but I was wrong - no spectators. Is this normal practice for mock meets?


New Member
Nov 4, 2008
We have them before the compulsory and optional season. Parent can watch (we are a Y) but not out on the floor. the way our gym is set up the recreational and cheerleading floor are in the front and the competitive floor is in the back so in effect we can stay but not see! They don't usually flash scores. This is a learning experience for the kids and a way to get their jitters out. Very common...don't worry


Moderator/Proud Parent
Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
Our gym has a mock meet the Friday before any competition weekend. Parents bring in a folding chair, watch, cheer etc. She wants to girls to have an audience because they will at the meet.

There are no judges or scores - just a dry run of the meet and last minute corrections / pointers.
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Proud Parent
May 21, 2008
We were asked not to stay and watch too. Of course a few people watched from the lobby. There were no scores. The judge talked to them as a group after each event and told them common mistakes. ex: the ball change in the l6 floor routine was too big. It needs to be done smaller. Just little tips. No special leo. They also had normal practice while the other levels were with the judge. Hope that helps.


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Jan 17, 2008
We have a mock meet where a judge comes to our gym. Parent and others are encouraged to come and watch. It runs like a meet. The girls talk to the judge after each event and find out their score and what their biggest deductions are.

I can see why they would want it to be a closed meet though.. Kids get nervous.


Proud Parent
Feb 16, 2008
We have a mock meet, no judges or scores, just the girls in their competition leos with hair up in buns running thru routines. Bug just had hers last weekend. Parents are encouraged to watch.



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Mar 9, 2008
My DD had her mock meet last week. The gym brings in judges, during regular practice time. The parents are welcome to stay(actually encouraged) & watch in the stands, to give it the "real meet feel". Since my DD moved to optionals this year, it was soooo exciting the see all the girls floor routines! Our girls wear their new competetion leos for a trial run. The girls did each event & each girl got feedback and a verbal score from the judges(scores were not flashed though). We had a great time & it really got DD pumped up for the new season to start. Sounds like all gyms do mock meets differently. But I think they are a great way for the girls to work out the kinks & pre-season jitters.:D


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Nov 5, 2007
Our gym has a really fun Mockmeet.There are groups with different Levels.Optionals and Compulsary together.They get to pick a name for their group and dress up as such.They also make up a little dance and show it when they march in.There are judges.The group that has the highest score winns.We don't know the individual score until after the meet.
I think this is a very fun way to kick of the season.

gym law mom

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Dec 23, 2006
Compulsory and optional teams each have a mock meet a few weeks before their season starts. Girls are in meet leos with hair done like it will be for meets. No scores are given and last year for optionals it was coaches only. We did have a judge come in to watch the girls after a few meets last year. The mock meet is no parents allowed to watch. The HC does use this meet with the optionals to tell them if they will compete AA or be scratched from an event at the 1st meet. That can have implications down the line as to whether a girl will be allowed to go to an out of state meet. So, there is alot of pressure on the girls and I think they just don't want the moms/dads hanging around. Yes, we do hear all about it after they're done.


Proud Parent
Oct 26, 2007
We have a mock meet that a month before the cometion starts. The girls were there team leos and fix up their hair. Parents watch and they bring in judges but since we are new to this I am unsure if the scores are only for the coaches or if the parents see the scores.
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