Motion sickness from back tumbling

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Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
I don't have advice, but I am the same. I was taking a tumbling class and we would sometimes do back rolls in warmups - very dizzy. Same with BHS. I teach preschool and demonstrated a forward roll on a wedge - same thing. I have to stick to handstands & cartwheels.

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Sep 12, 2009
Same here when doing lines of anything that goes backwards I use to get dizzy, but I fixed that. You just have to do tons and tons of them in a row every day. Do like fifteen in a row a couple times. Your boby will eventually get used to it. :)


Oct 5, 2008
After a 3 year break from gymnastics when i went back i got very dizzy from almost everything! But it soon went away...

When we got dizzy from tumbling our coaches made us do tight fast forwards rolls all the way across the floor... then after a while you'll probs get used to it and not get so dizzy then when you go back to tumbling it's nothing compared to rolling across the floor as fast as you can!!
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