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For Parents New skill last night and need help on vault

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Jul 29, 2007
Dd has started working on her level 4 skills. She got her shoot-thru last night. YAY!!!!! Already has her ROBHS.

She is having issues with the vault (piking) and the front hip circle.

Any tips on the vault so that she doesn't pike anymore. One of the level 7's said she is reaching down, instead of out. Could this be one of the problems?

Geoffrey Taucer

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Jan 21, 2007
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DD is working level 4 skills too and some level 5. She is also struggling with piking in the L4 vault. Yet when she vaults over the table she jumps higher and pikes less. I am not sure why she does this. I guess she figures she has to clear the table and "jumps" but with the mats she just wants to get to handstand quick and "muscles up" to handstand. I am hoping coaches are working with her on that. Her run is also in need of some serious help! She can run fast and powerful but not when approaching a springboard. I think with time she will figure out the whole timing thing. I don't expect any 9's in vault this season. I mean I would be pleasantly surprised if she did. Her bars are actually coming along quite nicely. She does her FHC but with bent arms (kind of using her chest) and her dismount is still inconsistent- sometimes she has a great arch but falls on her butt or hips fall off the bar too soon but sticks the landing. On the plus side though she is more consistent with shoot thru, mills circle and even her leg cut back as improved (she used to cheat by putting her belly on the bar).

Good luck to your dd figuring out thoses pesting L4 bar skills. Luckily she has plenty of time and will do great regardless. Let us know how she progress'.
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