Question--girl gymnasts only!!!

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I was just wondering if there's anyone else who hasnt got there period yet when they feel like they really should have? Sorry for such a gross question but I'm kinda worried! I've heard some gymnasts don't tend to get there period cos they exercise so hard or something but I've never been really told about it cos my coaches are male and while there are some female ones they dont coach me and I dont know them well enough to ask something like that! Also me and my mum just DONT talk about that sort of thing! I dont know why we just dont lol! But all my friends got theres when they were like twelve so Im kind of worried cos Im 15 but dont have mine yet!! Is it normal? DI do 35 hours a week in the gym so its pretty intense but surely i should have started by now! Sorry again for the gross question but Ive been freaking about it for a while and have never found anyone i could ask! I sorta guessed you guys might be able to help me!
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Jul 23, 2009
Don't worry, it isn't a gross question :) Some gymnasts or people who exercise a lot get their period at a later age or skip periods.

Since you are 15 and still haven't gotten your period yet and are worried about it, you should bring it up with your mom and doctor. Since you said your gymnastics is pretty intense, that's probably why you haven't gotten it yet since sports can stress your body and then it will skip periods. You also might not be eating enough for how much you exercise. But you could also just be a late bloomer. But really don't be scared to talk to your mom and doctor, it is reallly normal to ask about this kind of stuff (haha that's how I know about this topic is because I got my period late too) And if it is because you aren't eating enough or exercising a lot, it can lead to osteoporosis so it isn't something you should feel silly for asking about.

I hoped that helped!!


jimmygirl is right about talking to your mom and doc. you should ask your mom when she got hers to see if she started late like you and trust me if your just a late bloomer then enjoy your time it is not a bad thing to have your period just you have to have it for a long time! hope i helped


Sep 19, 2008
Speak to your mum if that makes you feel better, but really, you don't need to be worried at age 15 yet. It's perfectly fine, even for someone who doesn't exercise as much - not everyone starts that early and with all the exercise there's no reason to be worried.


look, dont be worried about the age you get your period. it'll come eventually. its actually a good thing you dont have your period coz it get in the way of your gymnastics and i suffer form self-consiousness when i compete with my period.

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