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Questions about these beam shoes: Gemini Beam Shoe

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Aug 13, 2018

I have a daughter who is a competitive gymnast and in the gym 20 hours/week. All the chalk on bars is drying out her feet, making them crack, bleed, and painful. I asked her coach if she could wear traction socks at practice while on bars and he said she needed beam shoes since socks at meets are a deduction. I clarified that I meant just during practice, she could probably get away with bare feet at meets. Then, he mentioned safety and consistency, which is an entirely different conversation, since she has teammates who are practicing in tennis shoes do to foot and heal problems and will probably not compete in those. Anyway, she has 2 compounding issues. She is allergic to latex and has what we call furnace feet. I can't tell if the shoes he recommended have latex in them, and I know if she wore them without socks, she would have super sweaty feet..eew. Does anyone know if they are latex free? And, can the girls compete in them while wearing socks without a deduction? (seems like they wouldn't be able to..but??) In case it matters which state you live in, I'm in MN. Below is the link to the shoes. If Anyone has any suggestions or answers, I'd love to hear them and really appreciate it. Thanks!!!

Not open for further replies.

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