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Quick season summary and looking onward

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May 27, 2009
Region 6 (Northeast)
Where has the season gone? My 13yo L7 started competing in November and has just returned from her early states completing her present level. There are 2 other meets on schedule until the end of season. Both of these upcoming meets will be held in a very casual setting for optionals making it perfect for a newby to settle in at the next level.

She had a great season (thus far). Luck has been on her side (and having been in the mid to older age group helps). She has won all of the meets in her age group except one where she fell off two times on the beam in the final rotation. Just this past weekend, she wrapped up the current level with a 1st all around at the early states (granted it would have been tougher at the late states). It was a nice surprise and proud achievement as the only event she was pushing for was the bars (which she sorta messed up and place 2nd).

From a schedule standpoint, this season has been very challenging and very frustrating at times (hence leaving little time for my CB posting). Splitting her time between the two sports in the same season has been very tough. Because of an unusual gym meet schedule this year, there were numerous conflicts. In several occasions, she needed to be present in both places at the same time. Until this past weekend, I have been on the road with her during all weekends since December. To do what we thought was best, we ended up skipping a meet that is normally considered big in this region and skipping a day in a weekend where the other state was picking their selection (leaving the chance down to next to nothing which she beat taking one of the last spots). For gymnastics, we committed to the gym that we were doing early states no matter what.

So, at Level 8, things will get more interesting next year. Along with her recent success in gymnastics, she has just reached a point where she is taking off in the other sports showing some very promising potentials, some that she is not likely to reach in gymnastics. I (along with the respective coaches) would be so disappointed if we have to end up picking one over the other. I only wish that these two activities do not stack on top of each other in the same two months.
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Congrats to her on a great season. Good luck with the sports conflicts.


What other sport is she doing? Sounds like she has done very well.


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Feb 26, 2007
What a great L7 season she has hadm I totally hear you about 13, it certainly is an age where they start to look at opportunities about them. BUt as you say balancing two sports at that level is a real challnge.

THanks for sharing and congrats on winning States.


Congrats on such a successful level 7 season! I'm sure with all the traveling you did with your daughter there was also lots of quality time spent together - priceless! Good luck managing the sports conflicts. Gymnastics is so demanding of their time but I still feel that it's important to allow them to do other activities if at all possible. It sounds like you have supportive coaches and a very talented daughter!


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Mar 5, 2008
North America
Congrats to both of you getting through a great L7 season with another sport thrown in!! I know what you mean about the sports conflicts--it can be challenging at times. But it seems like your dd has handled it very well and very successfully doing both. We will be tested next year when dd begins a more intensive ballet training along with the gymnastics. I do have to say that I can really see the difference that the ballet training has made (especially on bars) with her straight legs and toe point. I can see that the ballet carries over into all of the events and gives her a better line and more overall grace.

Hopefully your dd will be able to continue doing both sports (what is the other one?) because it seems like she is very talented at both. Keep us posted!!


Feb 15, 2008
What a fantastic season! Especially factoring in a committment to another sport!
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