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I was just curious how many girls are on your dd's team? How old is the oldest/youngest? Have they moved up through team together?

Olivia is one of 8 on her Level 6 team. She started out in developmental with 20 girls. Level 4 there were 18 and Level 5 there were 11. We had 3 girls that didn't return this season. Our oldest girl is 10, and Olivia is the youngest at 8. :rolleyes: All the girls on her team have been with her since developmental, which I guess would be Level 3 in some gyms.

I think it's fun to watch some of the higher level girls in the gym. Most of them I can remember as level 4's and 5's!
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Great Question....

Our team in general is huge. Over 200 girls and that does not include our boys team. I think we are in the 225-250 range...

As for Cait's level, it is really hard to tell. Our girls can be broken up by age and/or level. I know last year there were 37 Level 5's ranging from 8-12 I think.. This year I have no clue. Cait is on the developmental team so those girls are all around the same age... 9-12 but there are many more level 7's at our gym who are older and we don't practice together. Cait will probably be on the developmental team until she is 11-12 and may be at level 9ish by then.. We just don't know yet...



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Mar 1, 2007
We just re-located to new gym in July. 6 girls (whole L5 team) left old gym. We brought 5 L5 girls in from old gym. One ended up leaving USAG for JOGA at another gym and 1 was a L5 but opted to stay in new gym as a L4 so total was 4 girls added to the L5's already at new gym. There are a total of 15 girls divided into two L5 practice teams, but not all have competed yet. There are two that are being up-trained for L6 or higher, one repeat L5 and a couple who are on the fence with skills & may be repeating L4 b/c they can't get the bar skills yet.

I have a team picture on my desk of DD's first year of L4 though w/old gym and sadly out of the 16 girls, there are only about 6 left at old gym now. They are the L6's and some L7's who only were in L4 the first yr my DD was competing. Most have left for other gyms & a couple have quit altogether. I do miss being able to see how the teamates have grown and progressed in the gym to higher level gymnastics, but we've made new friends.

Oh forgot ages...DD's group from old gym are the youngest L5's at age 8. There are a couple other 8's too but mostly 9's, 10's and a couple 11's
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Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
DD's gym is small and it breaks down like this:
L3; 6 girls aged 7-13
L4; 4 girls aged 8-10
L5; 3 girls aged 9-13
L6; none - scored out & went to L7
L7; 4 girls aged 9-13
L8; 1 girl, 14


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Apr 14, 2009
Region 8
Morgan is a L7 and there are 7 girls. They range in age from 10 to 14. (Her and another girl are the 2 10 yr olds)

L8 has 6 girls

No L9's this year

L10 has 4 girls

No L6 as they either compete a year of PREP or score out and go to L7 (so there are 9 PREPS and at our Gym PREPS train as much as L6's which equals about 16 hours a week)

L5 has 10 girls

L4 has 34!!!

Morgan has only been doing gymnastics for 2.5 years so since she keeps getting jumped ahead she is has been with different girls each year so far. I think from here on out she will stay with the current group that she is with.

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Oct 2, 2007
Ours is a brand new gym, so everyone is from somewhere else.

Level 4 - 7 girls from 1st through 5th grade
Level 5 - 10 girls from 2nd through 5th grade
Level 6/7 - 2 girls in 4th grade
Level 7 - 1 girl in 7th grade
Level 8 - 4 girls in 5th through 8th grade
no 9's
Level 10 - 8 girls in 7th through 12th grade


I don't know about all the levels but Boo's level 6 team has ten girls, ages 9-12, except for Boo who just turned 8.
Jan 22, 2008
Our gym has a total of 60ish girls on team and 27 on pre-team. Our youngest on level 4 is 5 years old. Last year DD was the youngest. Our oldest level 4 is 11. we have roughly 18 on level 4 this year. Level 5 we have 14 that are ranging from age 7-13. Level 6 9 ages ranging from 9-13. I am not sure about our optional numbers. Mind you I am doing this as rough numbers.


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Feb 16, 2008
Our team continues to grow in leaps and bounds.

Our gym is on their 4th year, and the first year they only had optional girls competing.

Our first year, the gym's second year they had 13 level 3's, 4 level 4's, one level 7, 2 level 8's and one level 10. Also had a boys team. DD was a level 3.

Last year we did not compete until Jan, but the team really started to grow. We had 3 level's, 17 level 4's, 9 level 5's, one level 6 and one level 8. Also with a boys team of 13.

This year we again grew. Now we have 15 level 3's, 23 level 4's, 9 level 5's, 4 level 6's, and one level 8. Boys team has 10 on it.

With the exception of the 3's and some of the girls on level 4-- most everyone should move up a level for the winter season.

I am interesting to see what will happen after this season, every other season we have gotten girls or boys from other gyms in the area.

PS I forgot the ages.

Level 3: 6 to 13
Level 4: 7 to 12
Level 5: 10 to 13
Level 6: 10 to 13
Level 8: 16


Oct 2, 2009
I don't have numbers for our level 3, 4, 5, 6 but they tend to have the most children and the youngest age groups. Our optional level recently grew then shrunk. Last spring our gym added several gymnasts from another local gym that was closing. Unfortunately over the summer, several of the teen girls, middle to high school level, decided to no longer compete at the USAG level. Some still compete with school some went to other sports and some just stopped all together. Our current optional team has about 5 level7's (ages 9-14), possibly 4 level 8's (ages 11-12) and 3 level 9's (ages 14-18). The oldest is a senior in high school.


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Mar 7, 2008
Region 7
27 on Girls' Competitive Team

Level 4 - 7 girls ages 8-9 and one 12 yr old.
Level 5 - 3 girls one 9 yr old and two 10 yr olds
Level 6 - 2 girls - little Monkey 9 yr old and one 11 yr old. LM started Level 4 with 10 girls, of those three of them (ages 13, 14, 15 now are Level 7's while LM did 2 yrs of Level 5) and the rest have all quit.
Level 7 - 6 girls ages 12-15
Level 8 - 6 girls ages 12 (Kelsey and 1 other), 13 (two), 15, 16 - Kelsey and one of the 13 yr olds have been together since Pre-Team.
Level 9 - 3 girls one 12, one 16, one 17

We also have a Pre-Team of I think 4 girls ages 6-8 and a Mini-Team (ages 3-6-ish)

Boys' Competitive Team has 11 gymnasts ages 8-18 and a few Level 4 boys who do not compete.

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Sep 8, 2007
My dd started L2 with 8 girls,L3 they lost 4 but combined our group with another that arleady was L3 made total 11,L4 lost 3 total 8,my dd is now L5 with 3from her orginal group 3 from the combined(when they were L3) 2 that are repeat L5 and 1 new girl but we are loosing 1 soon she is moving so we will have 8.
L2& L3 = not for sure 25 combined? ages 5-8?
L4-30(ages 7-12)
L5-8 (ages 8-11)
L6 we do not compete
Prep opt- L10 around 20( ages 8-17)
Jun 26, 2009
I'm not sure about all of the levels. But on my DD's team there are 11 second year level 4's (ages 8-10), we also have 11 level 5's (ages 7-10) and 6 level 6's. I believe there are about 14 novice level 4's and then another whole host of pre-team kids. I am not sure of the higher levels since my daughter is so young. I actually wish her team was smaller as I feel that it is hard for the coach to give individual attention when there are so many girls (particularly at this age when they have trouble working independently).


We have a very small team - only about 50 girls all together. I think the recession has really taken a toll as we have had a lot of girls who cannot afford to compete leave. Lily's group is L5/L6 and there are probably 20 all together. Most of them are going to compete L5 all year. Lily and one other girl will do a couple of L5 meets and then switch to L6. The total number of L6s will be four, with Lily as the youngest (just turned 8 three days ago) but one of the other girls is only a month older. The other two girls are 11 and 13 (they may compete L7 at a couple of meets). Youngest L5 is 7 and the oldest is 13. Of the 20 girls she started with in L4, two have skipped up to L7, three will compete L6 with her, three are doing L5 (having repeated L4), and the rest have left for various reasons. We also have -

L4 - 11 girls (ages 7 - 11)
L7 - 9 girls (ages 8 to 12)
L8 - 5 girls (ages 12 - 13)
L9 - 5 girls (ages 10 - 15)
L10 - 5 girls (ages 13 - 17)

Some of the levels are kind of fluid, with some L7s competing L8 at a few meets and same thing with L5/L6, L6/L7 and L7/L8.



Thanks to everyone for their reponses so far. It's interesting to see how the dynamics of a team can change from one level to the next, and from gym to gym. Along with team changes we also have coaching issues. We had Natalia Yurchenko on our coaching staff for over a year. But, she moved back to Europe to be closer to her dh. We also have a boys team, have no clue how many there are. We had a lot of boys graduate and go to school on scholarship. They lost a coach, too, that returned to Romania. It's a bummer because good coaches can be hard to come by, and to keep.

Thanks for taking part in my little survey! :rolleyes:


You mean on their specific level? It looks like there will be 5 or 6 level 8s this year. Beth & M have been at the same level since level 5--and possibly level 4, but we're not positive. There are three girls that were level 8 last year that look like they'll be repeating 8 this year. There's one girl that has been with Beth since level 6, but we don't know if she's doing level 8 or repeating 7 this year.

They don't typically move an entire level up--they do it based on the ability of the girls. Our level 4 & 5s have the biggest group. 5s have 24 girls! It drops off from there with just 8, I think, level 6s. Not sure how many 7s--I believe it's 5 or 6 though.


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Oct 12, 2009
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Big D level 6 team has 5 girls, ages 8-12. Only 3 girls have being together since pre-team, 1 joined last year and 1 joined this year from a different gym. Many girls have left the team since pre-team for many different reasons.

level 5 has 14 girls, ages 8-13
level 4 has 13 girls, ages 7-13
Level 3 has 11 girls, ages 5-9
Level 2 has 12 girls, ages 4-6

and there are about 20 optional girls from level 7 to level 10 and one training to be an elite.


Aug 8, 2009
South Carolina
There are 32 girls on my DD's competitive team at this point.

8 - Prep Opt Bronze (or level 3) 7-10
10 - Level 4's 7-10
7 - Level 5's 8-13 (My DD is 9)
2 - Level 6's 12 and 14
5 - Level 7's 10-13

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Jan 9, 2008
My daughters team is also small. Her group which is made up of level 5-6 has 6 girls between 9-11. This seems to work out good for practicing because they get alot of individual attention but at the meets there is so few of them competing that they will not be able to place as a team. My daughter will be competing with another 9 year old in level 5 the other girl who was with them moved and the other girl is not ready to compete yet. There are alot of new level 4 maybe 6 or 8 who will be competing and 3 level 6. The other girls are optionals ranging from level7-9. This is the largest group around maybe 15 -17 girls ages from 11-16. I am actuallly surprised how many older girls there are. The whole team practices together a few times a week so even though they have few in each level all the girls are very close and there is alot of team spirit.


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Jul 25, 2008
We have a big team.

L4 - 38 girls last year when dd was on it. I'm not sure how many this year, but I think it's less. Ages are 6-12 or so.
L5 - 27 girls, ages 7-11
L6/Prep-op - 11 girls, 9-13
L7 - 8 girls, 10-13
L8 - L10 - Maybe about 30 girls.

dd is the youngest on her L5 team this year. There are a couple who are 8 already, and dd will be 8 in a couple months.
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