For Coaches What Skill Will be Taught?

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Jun 5, 2008
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Our daughter is 4.5 and was in a pre-advanced class, she was just moved up to a five year old intermediate class. Can you please tell me what skills will be taught in this level? The coaches said they are getting her ready for pre-team but I was another intermediate class the other day and noticed they were working on some of the same stuff they were doing in her pre-advanced class. Also since she is four and does not turn five until August I don't think she can even compete for a while, is this right?
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Jan 4, 2008
It is impossible for any coach on here to say because what is taught at each level and at each age will be completly different at each different gym. Each gym will also choose what to call their classes. For some gyms when they say advanced pre school they mean specially selected elite kids who are doing backhandsprings and for some gyms they just mean kids who have done a little gym before and everything in between.

It is quite likely that in the 5 yr old intermediate class they will pretty much be learning exactly the same skills as they did in the advanced pre school class. Gymnastics isnt always about learning new skills, hundreds of hours must be dedicated to perfecting the basics when they are young for them to be able to do exciting skills when they are older.


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Jul 5, 2007
I would also expect for a class of that age that is on a "pre-team" track, that considerable time will be devoted to basic skills, with some drills for higher level skills. Once they are starting to get the basics down, there's still a lot of work to do usually as far as having them start and finish in correct positions in order to connect other skills. I personally don't believe preschoolers should be learning back handsprings, if USAG standards say they shouldn't bridge, but that's my own thought. I think there are a lot of drills and activities you can do at those ages to develop correct shaping and basic skills in preparation for further progression once the child is school age.
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