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Another new mom to CB

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Juju's Mom

Oct 2, 2008
South Carolina
Hello everyone. I have been a long time lurker and have finally taken the time to post for the first time (I am a serial procrastinator - LOL). My DD is a Level 4 gymnast. She just turned 6, right in time for her first meet in a couple weeks. She has been involved in gymnastics since she was 2.5 years old. She moved up through the various advanced preschool classes and was invited to pre-team around this time last year. She is now so excited about getting to do her first gymnastics meet. From a very young age she has loved to perform for people and has been on the gym's Exhibition Team since she was 4. She has gotten to do lots of fun things like college basketball half time shows, parades and lots of other events in town. I have read about so many of your DD and DS's and I am happy that I am finally going to be an active member of the board.

Once I get more familiar with how posting works I will add some pictures of DD and her youtube page.

Thanks in advance for the warm welcome I know I will get from all of you!


Former Admin
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Feb 26, 2007
It's always lovely when a lurker decides to join us.:D

Welcome to the Chalkbucket, I know you'll have a great time here with us.
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