Another point of view for the skipping levels debate

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In this interview on gymnastike Aleiny Cordova a level 10 gymnast talks about how she struggled with level 8 and level 9. She puts this down to skipping (I presume she means scoring out of) level 5 and level 7. She says this lack of competative experience has left her struggling with nerves.

Overcoming this and scoring a 37 AA in level 10 is her goal this year. She is a lovely mature 13 year old.

Another interesting point to bear in mind in the skipping levels debate!

Aleiny Cordova | Nina's Gymnastics Center on Gymnastike
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Mar 5, 2008
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I agree that actual competing is very good experience in order to be a good "performer". In my case, my dd just started gymnastics last year in Feb 2008. With only 2 months of gym classes and 5 weeks on preteam, I think her competitive cheerleading experience actually gave her an edge with the gymnastics meets. From her cheer experience, dd was used to getting out in front of hundreds to thousands of people, a panel of judges, and on a raised stage competing under smoke and flashing lights. This set-up is I think more intimidating than gymnastics in some ways. I do think that competing is an actual skill that gymnasts need to learn how to do well.

This is a very interesting topic!


I had previous experience as an ice skater but I was always very nervous in skating and before gymnastics meets until this year when I began to learn to manage my nerves. I think knowing that I would be nervous did help me, but only marginally. Maybe I'd have to know what I'd have been like without previous experience.

I think maybe in this case it just meant that she didn't have a very solid foundation for the higher level skills. Or maybe that since the L5 - 7 skills were so easy for her, she had a very hard time with the L8 and 9 skills that did not come naturally.
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