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For Parents Do you have a Parent Organization in your Gym?

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Hi! I am relatively new to this forum, but I like the way everyone is pretty candid with the topics. I wanted your opinion on a few things:

1. How many of you have Parent Organizations at your gym (to fundraise, organize meets, etc)?
2. How effective are they? (Do they accomplish a lot, or does it become a complaint session?)
3. How do you keep to the tasks at hand (which is working together to make things better for our DDs), and keep people from being catty, complaining, or bragging?:confused:

Panda-girl's Mom

Active Member
Jan 9, 2008
We have a parents organization and I must say it is one of the postive aspects at my daughters gym. It helps organize the meets that our gym holds and it helps raise funds for competing. Everybody is required to run a fundraiser and it really does help with the costs. I think I was able to raise over half of my fees for the year, and the extra money goes towards the your summer camp fees. There really is not time for parents to complain they just kind of work together. The owner/ headcoach kind of oversees it all so this kind of keeps everybody in line.


Nov 9, 2007
Our booster club is a real asset to our program. It helps defray the costs of our program, pays all coaches fees and gives us the opportunity to pay part of our commitment. Our head coach and his wife are actually also in charge of the booster club, but they have two daughters in the program and it makes sense for us.

We are required to work sessions at all of our meets, this year we have 3, one meet for the gym, boosters get concessions and two state meets this year. The proceeds for the first state meet go to the booster club. The second state meet is going to be a chance for parents to work to pay for next year. I will be working as much as I can at that one. Usually we only need to work 3 of the 9 or 10 sessions so it's not too bad. And single parents like me can get help from another family if the timing is bad. Mostly we all work our sessions but if one family is not helping they will be assesed a fee for the meets. My best friend at the gyms husband does music for the whole meet so they always have sessions to spare if I need their help.

But truthfully I enjoy helping out and seeing the girls compete so it's not an issue, I usually work more sessions than required., and our parents are great people so we like to work together. We have about 50 families from level 4 to 10 so there are lots of hands to help out, and the gym/booster club went in on scoreboard system with 3 other gyms so we don't need flashers and runners.


Jan 2, 2009
We used to have one, but they did away with it last year. I liked it because we had more of a chance to defray some of our fees, but other than that I don't know that it has changed much.

The gym only does one fund raiser a year, not including the home meet. We can defray our costs by selling advertising, but there really aren't a lot of opportunities there.

We still have to work at the home meet...this year we were required to work 8 hours per family. Next year we will have to work one session and either set up or take down (oh joy!)

The only cat sessions the parent org ever had was over people not paying their fees on time, but I think that is more of an issue for the office manager.

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