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Today I had my first hs meet. There were eight teams there, so it was a bigger meet then I thought it was going to be. We started on beam and I kind of had a meltdown...:( I was the first to go which kind of made me mad, but I fell on my full and one and a half turn. I decieded to take my double out because I kept falling in practice so I thought a full would be easy enough, but I guess not. I told myself I had to cheer up for floor. I did good on floor and vault, but theirs always room to improve. I didn't place on anything, but I was proud of myself and I had fun!:) My team ended up getting 4th out of 8 teams. My next meet is Thrusday and I plan (hopefully) to do my tsuk!
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Aug 25, 2007
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good job on toughing it out after a rough start. I would think it would be hard to be first up on the first event of a meet.

Good luck on Thursday !
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