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Future Stars questions... newbie here

Discussion in 'Men's Artistic Gymnastics (MAG)' started by Maksmom, May 1, 2018.

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  1. Our gym has never done future stars testing. My son has been practicing for the last year a half to get ready for this year. He is 8. I can't find out anything online about when/where/how testing takes place. His coach has not heard anything either. He said he will ask around at nationals. We are region 5(Michigan).

    He has what he needs for an 8 year old but I just read something saying that the birth date rules are changing. He turns 9 on 10/31. How different are the 9 year old routines from the 8 year old routines?

    I am just looking for some guidance because there is very vague information online.

    Thank you!
  2. He will compete as a 9 yo, and would have even under last year's rules. If you look on youtube, you should be able to find the 9 yo routines.

    The printed documents are usually found by the coaches. Your coach will know. I think there are some changes between ages, but not a ton.

    My guess is the meets/testing dates are not set yet, but are usually in Sept for state and Oct for regionals.
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  3. The routines are not much different from 8-9. I'll try to detail it for you below.

    FX: Same as 8 yo, except dive roll added after front handspring step out front handspring
    PH: Front loops/Back Loops on handle-less pommel
    SR: Straight body support is momentary, before 3 second L sit, and press handstand replaces tuck planche, has 3 second hold in handstand, then lowers to shoulderstand for 3 sec, then there is a dislocate before the dismount
    VT: front tuck becomes front pike vault
    PB: essentially same except swing handstand at end of routine has required 3 sec before long hang back tuck from handstand (giant flyaway dismount)
    HB: pullover is replaced with stemme backuprise to free hip, then there is a kip, as well as back giants added, with a half turn block dismount replacing the back uprise block
    STR: 2 dips at the beginning of routine, and required 1 second hold added to straddle planche, rest is the same sequence
    FLX: exactly the same
    TRMP: exactly the same


    Important Dates:
    Future Stars National Camp (?) 7/19-23
    Region 5 Future Stars Workshop (Indianapolis, IN) 9/7-9
    Future Stars Regional 5 Evaluation (St. Charles, IL) 10/13-14
    Region 5 Focus Camp for National Qualifiers (Kalamazoo, MI) 10/26-28
    Future Stars Nationals (USOTC - Colorado Springs) 11/7-11

    If your son's coach has any further questions, tell him to feel free to contact me!
    Hope this helps, and good luck to your son in October!
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  4. Here is a link to the Region 5 men’s webpage.


    It’s a good site that has lots of information for you. Good luck to your son next year. I would talk to your coach about attending the future stars workshop in Indy. It always helps to get out of the gym and be around other boys with similar ability. Also it helps to have another set of eyes looking at your sons routines.
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