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Hi everyone!
I have massive issues with bars. Two skills in particular: Giants and Clearhip to Handstand on metal bar.
I used to be able to do giants, but now I cant get over! My coach told me to try bending my legs at the back and now I have a really bad hapit of doing that and when my legs are straight, my swings are terrible!
Clearhip to handstands i just don't get. I cant get above 45 degrees below horisontal.
please help!:(


Sep 21, 2008
Sounds like you need a quick refresher in some basics.

Go back and work on your tap swing for your giants.

Work on clear hip to Horizontal by landing on mats that are stacked up to the bar height. From there, add mats, or simply make it higher, landing in a prone position every time.

Good luck!

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