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Level 9 Startvalue

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Nov 5, 2007
I was wondering the startvalue my daughter would have with these tumbling passes on floor.
FHS Fronfull Fronttuck,BHS 1 1/2 punch front and FHS Frontwhip Frontpike.
Dance acro will probably be Sideswitchleap Popa and roundoff wolfjump
1 1/2 turn and straddled Shoshunova (spelling?)
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Jul 5, 2007
front full+front tuck C+A .1
1.5+tuck C+A also .1
lay+pike B+B .1 again

From the tumbling alone that's .3 and L9 starts at 9.7 so that would a 10.0 SV. But I think switch-side+popa is C+C dance which would be another .1 (assuming 180, completed twist). I'm not that up on dance bonus though. This would meet all requirements assuming all skills were performed.
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