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Marta Karolyi is a code-*****

Discussion in '2016 Rio Olympics' started by NewtoGym, Aug 10, 2016.

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  2. Thanks for posting this. Marta Karolyi for sure gets the credit for creating the US dominance. Hopefully the semi centralized system she created will endure and continue to produce a world class team. I was deeply touched by how the girls honored Marta by naming themselves the Final Five.
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  3. Wow - I love this article. And of course agree with most of it - including being irritated with why they are dumbing down the commentary. And apparently I haven't even watched the really dumbed down version! LOL
  4. Totally agree. Great article.
  5. Excellent article. The online coverage was much better in all of those area. Jon asked Courtney today "does the music really matter? Does the dance count as part of the score? ". During one round he compared high bar to uneven and said women have it harder because everything has to end in a handstand while the men get to fly around.

    Those were honest questions that Susie public might ask and understand intelligent answers. Al instead calls Simone's mount a "helicopter spin".
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  6. I must admit.....I didn't watch a single prime time routine and I though Jon and Courtney did a great job....I felt as if they were talking at the gym.
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  7. Yeah, I honestly felt like I learned some stuff about gymnastics I didn't know, watching the live commentary all Olympics. I wish Courtney was a little more authoritative in shutting Jon down when he was wrong about something - she seemed very meek about it. But maybe that will come with time and is my only real complaint. I'd love to see them in prime time instead.
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