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stretching through pain

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New Member
Mar 12, 2008
Orlando, FL.
I stretch usually about 1 to 3 hours a day, because i take several dance classes at my studio (which is connected to a gym) i find that usually by the third day my muscle are so sore that i can't stretch to my full potential, i also notice that because of this i am losing my flexibility and not gaining it. I did gymnastics for about 16 years and took time off for about 3 yrs and lost almost all of my flexibility, and i went back to dance, and gained a lot of it-not all of it- back, But i am trying to get back my 180 degree straddle, right now i would say its more like 110 ish? its past 90 degrees for sure, it may be like 130, all i know is it's not where i want it to be. I am also 21- i know age isn't much of a handicap if you are willing to put in the time to perfect it- my problem isn't the dedication it's that the muscles seem to be losing the flexibility instead of gaining it.

As a girl in gymnastics i had a 180 straddle before i was 6 years old, so it never was a problem. And as far as splits go i have a 180 split on the floor on my right side, my left i am about 2 to 3 inches above the ground.

does anyone have advice on stretching through the pain?
Not open for further replies.