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Trampoline Time

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Jul 12, 2007
This question is for gymnasts, coaches and parents.

I am curious to know how much time competitive teams spend on the trampoline (if any) & what types of skills are worked on? How many find the trampoline a must in their programs & why?
Jul 12, 2008
Charleston, WV
I have my gymnastics spend a lot of time on the trampoline on pretty much all 4 events. They do a lot of front and tucks and back tucks in a row working on their body shape and pointing their toes in their flips. Also doing multiple flips lets the gymnasts develop their air awareness. Now the upper levels will do like backflip, backfip, backfull, backflip, frontfull.

Not only do we have them do the above but we also do double backs and double fronts off the trampoline into the pit and the upper levels have started twisting their double flips.

Doing these things is a MUST in our gym. Infact there is one girl that can do a very nice double back off bars into the pit but because she can't/won't do double backs off the trampoline, we won't let her do the double back off bars anywhere else in the gym but into the pit.
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Geoffrey Taucer

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Jan 21, 2007
Baltimore, MD
I consider trampoline to be extremely helpful for learning back tucks. If my gym had a better trampoline and a spotting belt, I would also use it for double backs.

Otherwise, I don't use it very much.


The last 2 years I was at my gym as a gymnast (before I graduated high school) we made trampoline one of our events and practiced it as though we wanted to compete it. We did this because there are a lot of trampoline skills and drills that could be incorporated into each of our regular events. It was really amazing how our gymnastics got better just because we worked on the trampoline. We worked through each of the tramponline routines and even created our own optional routines.

I think using the trampoline is a must for upper level gymnasts, not only for fun, but also because it helps with skills and what not.

gym law mom

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Dec 23, 2006
I know all our team girls use the tramps---just not sure on time breakout. The optional girls do spend more time on them than compulsory. They use them for conditioning and to work tumbling skills. My gymmie is working with the hc on her double back on tramp---she thinks its just fun not really work. HC said he's working on the double back for her tumbling(not this year) and her bar release and tramp is the best place to work on them. As another poster said she has to do them consistently well on tramp before he'll consider taking them to a pit bar.

I remember she said at gym camp(Lake Owen) that tramp was a station and they got some work on it everyday.


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Jul 5, 2007
None of the gyms I've worked at have had a trampoline set up that was aqeduate for anything beyond front/back tucks really. I probably did the most of any of the recent optionals at my old gym because I hurt my wrist and was pretty limited, and I did back full, front full, but there's really not enough space and then there are walls on two sides. It took me a pretty long time to figure out a method to doing a full without going too close to anything and double full wasn't happening. It's not used beyond special cases like that because there's just not enough space, nowhere for a spotter to stand, and the actual bed is extremely small too. Tumble track, however, is part of the daily rotation and nearly every class. Classes do use the tramp every once in awhile, and so do compulsories for some drills, but it drops off majorly after a certain level. Two other gyms have no tramp (just tumble track) and that is always used. Another gym has a pretty big tramp but it's not in ground and has to be pulled out, also some of the springs aren't covered, so it isn't used for very hard skills (tucks, but only spotted because of the nature of the set up).


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Jul 31, 2008
New Hampshire, USA
We generally don't use the trampoline, and haven't since level 3. We will occasionally use it to practice snapping our feet in and out on our jumps, or if someone is having difficulty in something on their backtuck, but other than that we won't use it. It is mostly for the rec classes. However, we use the Tumble Track almost every class.
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Our gym has a tumble track but they don't use is regularly. Anytime the girls have down time, though, they are there (or flipping into the pit). Once in a while they do a tumble track rotation but not often.
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