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Yurchenko drills?

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Jun 26, 2009
For beginning yurchenko drills start off with the spring board in front of an eight-incher. Have the gymnast do a roundoff onto the board and a rebound backwards onto the mat. Once their used to that have them do a roundoff back handspring from the board to the mat.

Gradually add more and more mats, having the gymnast do the same roundoff entry and use the mats like a vault table. Build the mats up to the vault table until your their ready to bring it to the table or a table trainer.


Mar 18, 2010
We put a spotting block on the end of our rod floor, cover it with a weird mat (thicker and not as wide as an 8incher) and do ro (punch just off the rod floor) bhs onto the mat stack, and then flip into the pit. We also put a bit wedge mat in front of the vault table and do run cartwheels onto it to work on run and hurdle technique. Then we move the table out and put a resi with an 8incher on top of it and do ro punches and timers from a full run off the springboard.

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Dec 23, 2009
Region 1
we have put spotting blocks at the end of the TT for the ro bhs part. If your TT is in front of the pit you can flip. Also we have done on the floor witha springboard and a 8 in behind it ro layouts. With a springboard and porta pit(level 4 vault mat) do the ro bhs part. The off our floor we have set up a weird mat stack(because we dont have a trainer vault) that is kinda hard to explain but i will try. You but a spotting block or like trapizoids stacked out little lower than vault height parelle to the pit like this (l l). Then you get two springboards and lay them at an angle against the mats with the side with the spring on the mats. then you should tie it together just incase. so like the handles of the mat and part fo thw springboard. Then put a 4 incher on top and a sting mat in front. In the end it should look something like this /l so the slash is the springboard and the l is the mats. and you can flip off of it. another way to set it up is to take a cheese mat and putting some panels under it to make it a little higher. For the ro part get a panel mat and ro putting your hands on the mat and your feet snapping onto the floor and then rebounding back on to the mat. these are just some of the ones from off the top of my head. I hope you understand them


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Sep 3, 2005
Roundoff up to two panel mats...rebound up to back on top of two pit mats. Takes a while to build to this as it is a hard drill...start lower on both.

EDIT: Panel mats take the place of the springboard. Pit mats should be high...like head height. Thanks to Al Fong for this drill.
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