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High School Senior Showcase

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I am Margie Canfield. I am a High School coach in WI for the Mukwonago/Kettle Moraine team. I am also the President of the National High School Gymnastics Association. Every year we host an Invitational for Senior (Grade 12) gymnasts only. It is a final hurrahh for the high school gymnast. It is being held in Virginia Beach this year on May 22-24th. Minnesota has never sent a team and it would be an awesome thing if they did this year. If you are a senior and are interested please have your coach contact me at [email protected] and look at our website at www.nationalhsga.com Good luck at your state meet--I think it is coming up soon.
Happy Handstands,
Margie Canfield


Aug 3, 2007
This is very interesting and I have never heard of such a meet. My dd is a high school gymnast but not a senior. Is this something that is done every year? Do the girls from each state compete as a state team? Does one have to qualify to become part of the team? I think it's a great idea and would love to keep this in my back pocket for when my dd actually IS a senior. Thanks for posting.


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Feb 26, 2007
Welcome to the board, it is great to have promotion of High School Gym here. \good luck with the meet.
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