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i need my kips ! andd my tuck.

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gymnastics xx babe

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Jun 25, 2009
Framingham, Mass
Hello All ! I am desperate need of some help . I need my kips and my back tuck. In my kip i can pull up its just my toes need to get to the bar any tips? With my back tuck its just UGH . I just cant do it. Any tips?


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Feb 26, 2007
Videos of where you are at always help coaches give advice, otherwise they would have to write pages that might not help.


One of the tricks of the kip is the flexibility to stay in the V position and strength to hold it. You must not merely be able to do a leg lift but it must be fast to create momentum and you have to be able to hold your toes as that will increase the speed of the backswing from extended to pike/V.

Most people who have problems with back tuck could focus on the strength and power necessary to get up and pull their feet over the head. A smaller portion of people just need to make sure they full extend in their hips. Some people lean too far back and it's a head thing that can only be solved with just sucking it up, even if it means you may land on your hands and feet.


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May 28, 2009
Region I
Are you capable of hanging on the bar and holding your toes at the bar? If you cannot get in that shape, you need to do lots and lots of pike stretches. If you can get in that shape, but cannot hold your toes at the bar for longer than a few seconds, you need to do lots and lots of holds and leg lifts. Depending on your strength level, you can hang with your legs straight out in a "L" position, or with your toes at the bar and hold in, making sure to keep your head between your arms. Once you can hold this for 10 or 15 seconds or more, start leg lifts, once again, keeping your head in and your legs straight.

Kips are a difficult skill because you must not only have the timing and the coordination, but the strength and the flexibility. If any of these components are missing, you will never have a good kip.


Apr 12, 2010
Well I can't do a back tuck :( but for the kips, I almost have mine! I'm the opposite of you; I can get my toes to the bar and I pull all the way to almost front support, but I'm arched, so I fall off! :( (I'm going to try to make it again tomorrow at practice) Before, when I couldn't bring my toes to the bar, I did hanging leg lifts on a bar at home (you can get them from any sports store, I got mine from Big 5). Even if you can't do it all the way, keep trying! It will help build those stomach muscles. It also helps, once you get your toes to the bar, to go really fast. Good luck! (Wish me luck too :) )
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