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im starting gymnastics!!

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well as you can read im strating gymnastics and i have a couple of questions:

-do you have to be a certain weight im 5"5

-what do you wear for practice can you just wear a t-shirt and shorts or do you need to wear the loetard?

-is it scary the first time?

-can you start meet's and competition gymnastics later like lets just say wait till your like level 4 and then start or is there a spedific level that you start?

what do you learn in the levels: 1, 2 ,3 and 4??

thx to all love you<333


First of all...good for you...it's a great sport! The best in my opinion;). No, you don't really have to be a certain weight...having said that, it is a bit easier to manuever in certain skills when you're a little on the shorter, lighter side. I really don't think what you weigh should be your concern...relax & have fun! As far as what to wear, that usually depends on the gym rules. I prefer my girls to wear a leo but in rec. gymnastics I don't mind if they wear a more fitted tank or tee & some cotton shorts. Most team coaches make it mandatory that you wear a leo though. Some gyms compete all levels and then some start competitions at level 3 or 4. Hope this was helpful! Good Luck & Have Fun!!:D



- Not a certain weight, but being in shape and strong is a must. But if you're just starting rec gym then that will get you in shape, plus extra conditioning at home.

- Well for rec the coaches know that you aren't really serious yet. Leotards are expensive! A tank top and some cotton cheer shorts/Soffes will be fine until you get to where you know you need a leo. I would call the place and check though, just to make sure about the rules.

- It's not scary, it's fun! If you're going without someone you previously know, you'll meet someone.

- Some gyms start competing at like L1, others wait until 4 or even 5. Levels 1-4 aren't required. There's also other leagues, like Mason Dixon and YMCA and rec leagues, I'm talking about USAG. The majority of gyms have girls do rec classes until they have the level 3 skills, they do pre-team and maybe have a mini-meet, and then they move to level 4 and start competing. It depends on how old you are... They might just not have you do 1-4 and start at 5.

- I know level 4s need a roundoff-backhandspring on floor, and backwalkovers and stuff plus some leaps. Their vault isn't a handspring I'm pretty sure, it's some progression. For beam I know you need a handstand. Bars is I think a back hip circle, mill circle, front hip circle... I'm not positive but there's a bunch of level 4 moms that know exactly what you need. As for 1-3, some gyms who do them compete through USAG, others do it through a rec league, some don't do it at all, some just call it pre-team but use USAG skills as progressions.

Hope that helped! Have fun!!
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