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Just looking for some advice! (Management)

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Rygib6, Aug 31, 2018.

  1. Hi everyone!

    A little about me is that I am a 21 year old gym manager at my parents multi sports facility in my hometown. Gymnastics has been in my blood way before I could remember. Trust me, my mom almost had my sister and I in the gym (lol).

    I have been a Team/Rec manager for a year now and actually my co-manager left to do more for her schooling. So everything is on me now which is a lot of pressure.

    As a young manager who has a lot on her plate especially with coaching Team, Rec, and High School levels......any advice about managing a gym, coaches, or the whole program or anything in that area could really really help me out!

    Thanks so much!!!
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  2. Welcome! You are doing a lot-are there any more specific areas where you feel you especially need advice? Any advice about management and coaches or programs is very broad and might not prove to be too helpful-the advice for what to do if you are too nice to parents and so they take advantage of you is very different than the advice needed if parents find you unapproachable and rigid, even though they deal with pretty much the same management issue. Otherwise, glad you found us-it sounds like you will have a lot of information/advice to share yourself!
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  3. I’d say more about how to smoothly run things with my coaches and what new things to try and do to bring in more traffic because our classes have been low attendance, we aren’t super expensive but our town is smaller than most gyms that are more populated. We are the only one in the area. I don’t have a problem with parents actually. Even though I’m young, I’m very respected by parents especially being one of the head coaches for our Team. Well thank you! I’ve been growing up in a gym for all my life since my mom also coached and built a gym herself. I just want to exceed and try my best!
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