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For Parents Pand-girl's mom

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Panda-girl's Mom

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Jan 9, 2008
My daughter did alright but did not have one of her better meets. She has been sick. She got a 34.8AA she got a 8.25 in bars (she fell on her shoot through 1st time this year but she did continue and do the rest of her routine well. She got only an 8.55 beam she usually does better and she loves beam so she was disappointed on floor she got 8.8 and vault she got a 9.275. She was alittle disappointed but she made it to states this time. I thought the meet was was well run but I thought it would be a little nicer since it was a state meet, maybe I am prejudiced because our gym hosed it last year and I just thought the send outs and decorations were not as nice.


Jan 2, 2009
We were there! I loved the little dance number to the "Rocky" music. I was a little disappointed in the venue. The bathrooms were seriously disgusting.

Sorry that she fell on bars...DD did last year, and it was the only time she ever did.

Hope your DD is feeling better
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